Aircon Chemical Cleaning and Chemical Overhaul


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Aircon Chemical Cleaning and Chemical Overhaul in Singapore

In Singapore, if your air conditioner is still not cool after regular air conditioning service, you may need air conditioning chemical service. There are two types of chemical services in Singapore, which are aircon chemical cleaning and chemical overhaul.

Both of these will be incorporated into your routine maintenance procedures, and they can definitely save you hundreds of dollars in the purchase of spare parts and ensure the service life of the equipment.

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Aircon Chemical Cleaning VS Chemical Overhaul​

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Aircon Chemical cleaning is the process of cleaning the internal components of the air conditioner with chemicals. The process involves disassembling internal parts, including the evaporator coil, filter and condenser, and immersing them in a chemical solution. This helps to remove all sticky dirt particles and corrosive acids from internal parts. Technicians can also use chemical solutions to flush the internal drain.

If you want to get the best aircon cleaning effect, then you should hire a well-known company that provides air conditioner repair experience in Singapore for many years.

Acool Sg will check your air conditioner for any faulty parts and advise you if you need to replace any parts. This means that after adding chemicals to the air conditioner, you can expect the performance of the system to be as good as new.

Chemical Overhaul

A normal chemical service is usually cleaned on-site, which is a way for technicians to clean the aircon without disassembling the aircon unit. For the aircon chemical overhaul service (we call it air-conditioning full service), it usually takes place offsite. It removes or dismantle the entire air-conditioning unit from the ceiling or wall, and clean all the air-conditioning parts one by one with special chemicals.

Also, the normal chemical services require less time to complete, because the process does not require disassembly of the air conditioner. For chemical overhaul, it will take more time to complete because it involves the air conditioner removed from the wall. At the same time, chemical maintenance involves a more appropriate or thorough chemical cleaning process.

In Singapore, chemical overhaul services are usually more effective or more recommended than chemical cleaning services. For conventional chemical maintenance, it is impossible to thoroughly clean the interior or hidden parts of the air conditioning unit. If the air conditioner is not disassembled, residue and dirt will get worse over time. Therefore, a chemical overhaul or full service is needed to solve this problem. Please make an appointment with TODAY for your chemical aircon service.

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