Parts Replacement


We are practically oriented and efficient and the best to handle your services. As far as Aircon servicing, repair and maintenance are concerned, we are truly the best. We do not only install units; we are practically gurus and capable of a complete package. We have a high repeat business ratio in Aicon service Singapore.

Parts Replacement

When determining the parts, you will need for your aircon repair; you first need to have a good understanding of what you are about to introduce into the residence. The first thing to note is that the air conditioner is not an open system, but rather, it is a closed one. Its purpose is to pump refrigerant via pipes into the internal components of your home. While at it, the air conditioner gets to transform the refrigerant state from vapor into liquid form, and then back to vapor. The transformation process is essential if cooling is to occur in the residence.


Aircon Parts

Aircon temperature sensor

The function of temperature sensor is to detect indoor and outdoor temperature. Once this equipment is faulty, then it will not be able to perform any temperature analysis. Please let a professional aircon service expert replace parts for you.

Infra-red signal receiver

Infra-red signal receiver function is to receive the infrared signal from the remote control. It depends on the brand and model. Let professional aircon repair experts recommend suitable parts for you.

Compressor's Running Capacitor (Dual)

It helps to start the compressor during start-up. Combining the fan capacitor into one capacitor will cost more. Get your Aircon service from today!!

Aircon fan motor replacement

When you hear a loud noise or the fan stops working. It’s time to replace your fan motor. This item depends on the brand and model. provide quality aircon service with affordable prices. Please contact us ASAP!!

Swing flap motor

The swing flap motor is a small motor used to control shutters or flaps. Avoid moving the flip cover by hand. Acool.Sg’s specialist help you replace good quality parts. 

Condensate water pump

If you are facing a lot of water leakage problems due to the way the drain pipe works. You need to pressurize the water. Call now for your aircon spare part replacement service.

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